Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boutique Of The week : Viv Trends

Viv Trends is an online Boutique owned by a Motswana Student in Malaysia... This boutique has the most amazing pieces from office wear to casual to formal.... and oh so amazing shoes...Eeeerr sorry fellas this boutique only caters for the ladies..KenNdee got the chance to interview the owner Ame Nikole Lekono 

  • How long have you been doing this?

    i have been on this for about four months now

    • Is being a online boutique owner something you have always wanted to do?

      owning one has always been on my mind. the thing is, i have always wanted to own a fashion store, in brick and mortar, but i figured i could also do it online, just for marketing purposes

      What is the best-selled item in your boutique?

      i realise most people are hungry for office wear, since i have sold more from that category

      You're checking out a hot new brand to stock ; what do you need to consider before putting in the order?

      well, the first thing that comes into my mind is quality...my biggest fear is to wake up one day only to find out i have sold someone something of indecent quality

      what is it about owning an online fashion boutique that rocks and what sucks?

      the best thing about going online is flexibility, you can always help your customers at any time of the day. Also, you do not have any rentals to pay. despite these, you still suffer a lot from customer trust. some people do not trust online shopping, especially when they dont know who the seller is.

      What three qualities should a successful online boutique owner have?

      credibility, good customer service, and good product quality that comes with surprises

      what words of wisdom would you give to anyone wanting to start a career as a boutique owner?

      its very important to start small. this way, any mistakes that you make are not so significant and you can learn from them and grow from there. you must establish and stick to your market, and ensure that you have a sustainable brand that is unique from everyone else but is still sell-able. also, remember that fashion is made to be unfashionable, so pieces that are overly trendy usually sell best at a lower price point

Thanx Ame

Here are a few of our favorites 

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