Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashionista Of The Week:Tumie Nthutang

1.Describe your style in three words.


2.What is your favorite pattern in clothes?
I love anything monochrome,be it stripes or plaid,or polka dots.As long as its black and white.Pattern in terms of silhouette, i have a weakness for wide-leg pants,structured dresses and bustier/corset inspired tops.

3.Which FIVE clothes item would you save  

from a burning fire?

Hmm i'd save my favorite mini handbag,my well fitting jeans,1 maxi dress,button down white shirt and my wide leg pants.

4.Who is your personal fashion icon?
.I don't have 1 main personal fashion icon,I love and draw inspiration from a lot of people for different reasons : Kourtney Kardashian for her distinct style,she doesn't stick to trends,Blake Lively for her effortless grace on the red carpet and chic casual looks, Kefilwe Mabote for her ability to tap into different fashion styles , Solange knowles for her love for color and lastly Kim Kardashian West ,before the Kanye makeover .I used to love her stylish and structured garments.
5.Your Favorite Fashion Stores?

Just like designers I don't have top faves because i shop everywhere; stores,market,pop-ups,online and mum's old closet
But if i must I'd say YDE for its variety,i love how it houses different new and already established designers,Mr Price and legit for their ability to have latest trends, Woolies for its classic simple structured garments and Lovisa for accessories

6. Who’s the worst dressed person in your
hahahahah OMG you want to get me in troubleBut let me say Kim K after the Kanye makeover.Some of her looks are just not right,some looks are too edgy for her body frame,some are too big and should be left to be seen on the runway.I just feel like you ought to stick to who you are and know that trends come and go,your personal style should adapt to ever-changing trends but it should not completely disappear.

7. Which beauty items can’t you live without? I cant live without my sunscreen,lipstick especially red lipstick,perfume and powder.
8.Who is your favorite designer and why?
I dont have a favorite designer or store.I love different garments and designers for different reasons,i will just name a few:
Oliver Rousteing(Balmain)'s edgy and fashion forward pieces leave me breathless,I love Gert Johan's ability to master the female body especially Bonang's and what works for her always amazes me and locally the likes of Kaone Moremong,Botho Chalebgwe and Tasha of Tasha Designs also have garments that speak to me.

9.What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?

hmm probably the time i wore my white skort (a pair of shorts with a flap across the front to give the appearance of a skirt) and paired it with a croptop+soft net translucent cover up.Dont get me wrong,separately i love those pieces but in hindsight,there was just a lot going on,i should not have paired all those together

Fashion DOs:
White button down shirt ,its so versatile and every lady needs one
A pair of well fitting skinny jeans,boyfriend jeans and denim shorts
Black fitted slacks,so timeless
A tote bag,
stunning chunky watch
One good dress,it doesn't have to be an LBD,just one dress that you feel your most sexy yet classy in.
I don't know hey,fashion is subjective and I know what I may find as a Don't,are another person 's favorites but for me I don't wear leggings in public,i wear them home relaxing or if I am on a hike or playing tennis usually with something over-sized over them.

12. Any fashion advice?
.Fashion is subjective,dress to make YOU happy and no-one else.Never be pressurized to buy something because its trending,it has to speak to you as an individual,know your body type and what works for it.Dont be lazy to alter stuff if they need to be and most importantly HAVE FUN with your looks.
Before picking an outfit I decide who i wana be for the day,whether its the casual varsity student,the mini feminist who believes women should have as many suits as men,or the chic young lady who believes in well tailored-structured garments,one thing is for sure,all aspects that makeup my personality determine my outfits.