Monday, October 22, 2012

Fashionista Of The Week ; Tshepo-Losyka Kutjwe

    • 1. Describe your style in three words.


    • 2. What is your favourite pattern in clothes?

      I love print!!Anything with print!!Right now im just mad about Aztec Print!!I've been told i love Polka Dots smile cos i do have a lot of polka-dot tops

    • 3. Which FIVE clothes item would you save from a burning fire?

      1.My Chocolate Brown Stilettos

    • 2.My Vintage Dress
    • 3.My Retro Shades (They Were A Gift)
    • 4.All my Blazers (Sorry But I Cant  Choose One)
    • 5.My Neon Pink Bag And My NeckPiece (All Gifts From My Bestie Kaone..I treasure them)

    • 4. who is your personal fashion icon?

      Umh....i have a lot of fashion icons..From your Aggyness Deyn to GaTsh Fros!!I love Grace Jones..She bad with Adrogyn..I love Lady Gaga!!She was born that way.She doesnt limit herself..And that inspires me..And how can i forget Solange!!She oozes class,beauty,confidence..All wrapped in one.Solange is a breath of fresh air..



      Hahahaha!!Favourite stores....Yah neh!!Hahahahha!!Im A Vintage lover so most of the stuff that i wear is Vintage...I buy my stuff at the flea market..Call em 2nd hand clothes or hand me down!!To me they are beautiful rare pieces!! But besides the flea market its Mr Price smileYes_every girl has something from Mr Price!

    • 6. Who’s the worst dressed person in your opinion?

      Yoh!!Thats a hard one!!I really dont know hey!!But any guy that has white formal shoes...NO!!No!!

    • 7. Which beauty items can’t 
      you live without?

      Eyeliner And Mascara!! They Are beauty items rite??


      I dont have a favourite designer!!*weird...i know* im not a brand typa gal..Yes i love fashion...but i dont let brands define rather do cheap than fake!!But i have to admit i love Vera Weng and Machersa..Vera's design are beautifu..She makes this breathtaking gowns..She'l make my wedding dress one day!!As for Marchesa.. The details....And the prints...I die just admiring and wishing!!One day 

9. What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?
Oh Lord!!*As i hide in shame* Hahahha!!So back in high school!!I think i was 15...I wore umh track-pants *the ones made from that plastic kinda material...*tsa swagaraswagara*) then i wore takkies...i had on a white shirt and tied it to show my belly *stomach out* then i wrapped a turban on my head!!So imagine that...Turban+White Shirt+TrackPants+Takkies..Now thats a disaster...i think i was tyna be girly yet gangsta!!When i think of that outfit though!!Eysh!!
    • 10.WHATS THE MOST 

    • I dont have a closet!!Hahahha!!my clothes are all over the place!!But the one Xpensive item that i own....Has to be my Camera:Nikon D3100!!
      And no...i aint a poor girl smile

    • 11. FASHION DOS AND 

      Never ever be caught wearing socks and flops...or sandals..No!!Never!!GUYS!!

    • 12. Any fashion advice?

      Its ok to have people that inspire you and all..But dont be too much of a copy cat..dont copy and paste!!Be true to who you are... don't take clothes too seriously...take it easy..sometimes simple is beautiful...