Thursday, December 01, 2011

Boutique Of The week : Spotlight Boutique

Another online Boutique owned by a motswana student in Malaysia...this boutique caters for both Men and women the pieces are to die for and the shoes wow...we got the chance to interview the owner

  • How long have you been doing this?

    I have been doing this for almost 3months now.

    Is being online boutique owner something you have always wanted to do?

    I always wanted to own my own business; however a fashion boutique came as a surprise.

    What is the best - sold item in your boutique?

    The highly sold item is shoes, always shoes!!

    You're checking out a hot new brand to stock; what do you need to consider before putting in the order?

    Item price and quality
    The supplier terms and conditions
    Duties, taxes and fees imposed by the government

    What is it about owning an online fashion boutique that rocks and what sucks?

    You get to operate 24/7 on the other hand It is hard to build trust and relationship with customers, because personal interaction is limited.

    what three qualities should a successful online boutique owner have?
    A great eye for fashion

    Motivated – Give yourself a reason to do what you do.
    Giving Your Customers Full Attention and appreciate each every customer, even the complaining ones because they show you where your products or services are below expectations and where your procedures are weak. For every person who complains, there are many more that don't bother to tell you. Others just take their business elsewhere...and speak badly about you. At least the complainer gives you a chance to reply and set things right.

    What words of wisdom would you give to anyone wanting to start a career as a boutique owner?

    Believe in yourself and work confidently towards your goal
    Make sure you stay up on the current trends
    Make sure you are emotionally equipt for the ups and downs of the business. It can be very frustrating at times and it can be very rewarding at times.
    Always have a plan B


    The coats

    The shoes

    The shirts


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