Thursday, December 08, 2011

boutique Of The week : Lovely Dollies

Lovely Dollies is an online Boutique owned by Hazeezah from Kuching,Sarawak ,Malaysia.. she's been running it for a year now and she sells mostly shoes,accessories and dresses....

How long have you been doing this?

- Guess what, this 10th of December, its already been a year :) 

Is being a online boutique owner something you have always wanted to do?

- Not really at first. But I've always feel that one day that I will open up a business or boutique. It is not possible to do it now so I was thinking why don't I try start with a fashion online boutique. 

What is the best-selled item in your boutique?

You're checking out a hot new brand to stock ; what do you need to consider before putting in the order?

- First I will consider the quality and the price. Then design or the style of the items. This is because most of the time, I follow the current trends in fashion as this is what the customers will be looking for and also trying to fulfill their needs and wants. 

What is it about owning an online fashion boutique that rocks and what sucks?
- What rocks is having this online fashion boutique is like a fun hobby, I love it! :) and also I get to make new friends with the customers. What sucks is that I don't get much interactions as this is operating online. 

What three qualities should a successful online boutique owner have?

- 1) Good Skills & Judgement. As the customer are looking at the items in pictures, they need us as the owner to tell them the details of the products. 
- 2) Honesty. Don't cheat your customers. Doing a bad thing and in the end it will get back to you, karma. 
- 3) Have faith in what you do

What words of wisdom would you give to anyone wanting to start a career as a boutique owner?

- It's a bit slow at first but oh well, we start from the bottom and make our way to the top! :) There is ups and downs in business but thats what makes us strong. Always believe in what you do and you will succeed. Good luck! xoxo

The shoes 


The Dresses

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