Monday, May 07, 2012

Fashionista of the Week; Gomolemo Euratia Mashabela

  Describe your style in three words.

 fun, Adventurous and Dramatic

 What is your favorite pattern in clothes

Im not really specific, i just go with what captures my fashionable attention.

Which FIVE clothes item would you save from a burning fire?

My vintage velvet blazer, my purple platform heel, my fone, my magazines and my Accessory bag

who is your personal fashion icon?

I do not think i have one. Everything inspires me like my mom and my Grandmother. Everyone who captures my attention inspires me.

Your favorite fashion stores?

 I shop everywhere. i explore every store i come across, that's what fashion lovers do.
Who’s the worst dressed person in your opinion?

Majority of the students on my campus, they could work with a stylist.

Which beauty items can’t you live without?

 My Vaseline :), Arabian Pearls , Mascara and eyeliner.

Who is your favorite designer 

 David Tlale... Because he is not afraid of drama and patterns. And Chanel For the class and fabulous.

What's the most expensive item in your closet?

my heels 

 Fashion Do's and Dont's? 

 toooo much Cleavage is a dont. lace is beautiful bt not with a bad colour. Fashion do- turnin a dress into a skirt... and a shirt into a dress ( very sexy), wearing summer clothes in winter with tights and coats..

Any Fashion advice

Fashion is an ADVENTURE, Explore it...