Monday, February 13, 2012

model of the week:Kaone Monamodi

Name; kaone Monamodi

birth date 19.06.91

 hair color: black

colour of eyes: brown

height: 1.76m tall

favourite perfume: l'intense (givenchy)

home town: shoshong

favourite place in the world: south africa rustenburg

life long dream: to run my own business empire

best beauty secret: sleep and buckets of confidence 
role model: kimora lee simmons (business woman,model,mother and wife. she is my ultimate super woman.

embarrassing moment:
falling on my heels.

what made you become a model:
i have always been tall and many of my friends and many other people i dint know wanted me to try it out and once i did it became a passion of mine.
how did you feel when you did your  first  ever fashion show and fashion photo-shot:
my first ever fashion show i was super excited, i enjoyed myself and my first shoot was just a roller-coaster, there was just alot going on at the same time. i had to do make up, hair and poses at the same time, so i just went through with it.

how do you feel about the size zero controversy debate in the industry:
obviously not to happy about it because fashion is for the people not a particular group size of the people. there are different kids of beauty, curves and full figures are also beautiful.
what are your guilty pleasure food wise:
melted chocolate with jelly tots, basically anything sweet.

what beauty tips do you swear by: bucket loads of confidence,sweet scent perfume and killer heels.

advice to young models: i would advice young girls interested in modeling to get their education first, modeling is a shelf job but with education they will have something to fall back on.

how do you keep fit and healthy: eating healthy and exercising,i enjoy jogging and going up kgale hill, it helps me keep in shape.

how would you describe your style:my style is about striking a balance between fashionable items and being comfortable. my look compliments my personality,its a tiny bit sexy yet sophisticated and i just love accessories.

how do you maintain a healthy sense of self esteem and positive body image: i have come to terms with what i am and who i am and i have accepted it and i appreciate myself and my self esteem right now is in a pretty good place.

what has been your favourite place to visit and why? i just love rio in brazil,its a beautiful place with alot of vibe and love.

what motivates or inspires you to achieve your goals? i love challenges and achieving a goal by my own effort is what motivates me,its a great feeling to know you did it all on your own.

if u were stranded in a desert and could only have one beauty product and one fashion item with you, what would it be and why? two things i would have will be sun screen to project my skin and shades to protect my eyes. 

what makes you happy? achieving my goals makes me happy, going to sleep knowing i achieved something always brings a smile to my face and of course WORLD PEACE:)

which well known designers have you worked with and which fashion shows have you taken part in? i have taken part in a few fashion shows but the highlight fashion show i toke part in was colour in the desert where i worked with DAVID TLALE, THULA SINDI and TAIBO BACAR.

Thank you Kaone