Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Model Of The Week : Lot Lorah

NAME: Lot Lorah



HEIGHT: 6'1 

BIRTHDATE: 06/02/1990

FAVORITE SCENT/PERFUME: Issey Miyake (for men)


LIFELONG DREAM:To be a successful communication practitioner (i am a huge fan of advertising and film)

BEST BEAUTY SECRET: MORE WATER (Drink it and wash with it)

ROLE MODEL/IDOL: I dont have an idol/ role model..but i look up to my Naomi Campbell!

EMBARRASSING MOMENT: HEHEHEHE it has to be way back in primary school in standard 4 (ko Masa) i couldn't pronounce the word 'visitors' properly, the whole class laughed at me. It still haunts me 

What made you first become a model?: Well, it is the body that i have. People used to call me nice names (boMmalebopo), so i was like "why not be mmalebopo for real?" thats when i started, first with beauty pageants then later moved on to runway and fashion modeling.

 How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 debate in the industry?

I think its just old fashioned and really ignorant to say a model should be a size 0. We are in times that fashion is for all,and it is necessary to use different kind of body shapes and heights to showcase garments.

What are your guilty pleasures food wise?

i love chocolate(my favorite flavor is rum and raisins ),i also love pap and beef stew(lets not talk about tummy increase neh)  

What beauty tips do you swear by?

vaseline petroleum jelly any day any where.


Seeing other people happy makes me happy,most especially people close to me 

If a young girl wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?

i would tell them to follow their hearts,but the best thing to do is to finish school first then model,that way you will have something to fall back on if modeling doesn't work out!

which well known designers have you worked with and which fashion shows have u taken part in?

Locally, i am currently working with FouSweedy.
Since most of my work was done abroad(malaysia), thats where i have worked with designers and stylists from countries like Indonesia,China,Malaysia,Iran among others.
I have taken part in a lot of fashion shows in malaysia too. My first ever show there was the FORD models fashion late 2009, still on the same year i walked for the Nigeria Independent day Fashion Show. Ever since then i did a series of shows under Limkonkwing Fashion Club,which included Creativity In Motion fashion shows,open day shows,MAYA national Inter-varsity Dance Competition- Fashion show and ADIDAS ALL 24 fashion Show, Which gathered all Adidas representatives from all over the world. I did the NAJJAH Boutique fashion show too,which helped me explore more of Asian Culture. The last show i did there was the EmeraldGala Charity Fashion Show Gala Charity Fashion Show.