Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Angels Come out To Play

WHITE..the colour of purity,elegance and style. No doubt,the All White Party is an exclusive event of only 300. Its only been running for the past years and has been witnessed by lovers and haters to grow from fabulous to glamorous,with the crowd growing every year. This being no surprise as it is obvious we all love the good the fabulous and beautiful.
The standards are raised every year with this year being no exception. The party is to be hosted on the Terrace of the Masa building,an exquisite location for an exclusive event! It is only fitting to look the part,so here are a few ideas to steal the lime light and look like an angel...:

•first,just stick to theme as much as permitted
•for accessories,throw in a bit of gold,silver and nude colors to perfect glam
•avoid over the top garments,simple is beautiful
•find a shoe which will make a statement but still comfortable
•play around with your make up,smoky eyes always work well with white
Now with all that in mind,go play with the angels at the exclusive All white party!

Few ideas on how to rock that outfit

 For The Girls



For The Guys