Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion Back In The Days

Fashion quote of the Week...

"The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world."

— Alicia Keys

Fashionista of the Week;Gaone Mothibi

1. Describe your style in three words..

eclectic classic with a bit of funk, tomboyish, Mix and MIss(GaTsh) 

2. What is your favorite pattern in clothes?

 Pleats, flowing, high waists, undefined patterns with bold prints, shoulder pads mme m not too particular because again a piece of clothing has to grab ur attention and when the pattern dsnt do it for u, the sewing machine can always help..

3. Which FIVE clothes item would you save from a burning fire?

now dats a hard platform cork heels, red gladiator sandals (coz m da only one hu has them around town, or even country, now dats treasure), my yellow wide leg shorts they are classic, my bold printed jackets, My red apple shapped bag...but again, i love my whole closet find a way to grab as much as i can..!!

4. who is your personal fashion icon?

Andrea Bomo( blogger), Andrea 3000, the new transformed Solange, My mum. but Icons can only just inspire, true style is self cultivated.


 I dnt hav a particuler fav store, maybe across boarders then id say YDE, i shop anywhere and evrywhere rily.

6. Who’s the worst dressed person in your opinion?

Nicky Minaj, she pretty, but she is just overdoing it and tying to much.. she shouldnt try to be Lady Gaga!!

7.Which beauty items can’t you live without?

 beauty items i cant live without..ooh yes LIP GLOSS i used to be like licking my bottom lip but kea iteka these days,slowly behaving like lady should:-) , Black opel powder and hand lotion..perfume also!!


 Yves Saint Laurent, one of the designers that pioneered minimal, androgyness style for women, Mpho Kuaho she has nurtured talent,love her.. David Tlale. 

9. What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?

eish joh, i wudnt remember!! but m sure i have..hahaha..


a nike jacket bout 800bucks, sissyBoy heels-500, from ther its 400 ke ture, wa bona:-) ..dnt know bout da items i got as gifts, mayb there is sumthing much expensive than the ones iv mentioned above..


DOs- do YOU,buy timeless pieces, ask for fashion advice/help if you need it GaTsh is a call away;-)..... DONT- depend on trends, buy expensive clothes when you cant afford them. 

 12.any fashion advice?

 Your closet is your planet, rule IT. learn to play around with your clothes and you do not always have to buy new clothes everytime you go out. be smart with budget, save and shop for sale items.. and its ok to shop for winter items in summer coz u get to buy at lower prices..

Thanx Gaone