Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fashionista of the Day;Tsholo Dikobe

Describe your style in three words.

Gatsh-tomboyish-vintagebohopunk! . 'i don't dress to impress, i guess i dress to confuse..even.. myself.

2. What is your favourite pattern in clothes?

AM YET TO SEE A PATTERN I DISLIKE. a Pattern is in me..Not n the clothes. I have A pattern, not the clothes. Clothes got Fashion, I GOT STYLE.

3. Which FIVE clothes item would you save from a burning fire?


4. who is your personal fashion icon?

TOOO many too mention.i like a likkle in Mum, ShinGaI shoniwa, Argyness Deyn, Funeka Mgwevela, Amber rose, Erykah BaDU, Teyana taylor, Solange..janelle monae.HIGHLIGHT ARGYNESS AND FUNEKA.

5. Yor favorite fashion stores?

VINTAGE SHOPS, jewerly box, AROUND TOWN:)here and there..

6. Who’s the worst dressed person in your opinion?

NO ONE IS ever dressed horribly.It’s always a voice. No voice is Ugly. JUST that some voices are squueeeky.but I promise. No fashion Voice is ugly, just squeaky.(but wena Goitse)

8. Which beauty items can’t you live without?

Vaseline nowadays haaa gona mari adi M.A.C!!

9. Who is your favorite  designer and why?

Alexandra McQueen- he got a GaTsh Gene.HE IS IT.HE DOES IT FOR ME.quirky,different, odd, weird,..Marc Jacobs..South-African Gertz- Johan Coetzee..he’s mix and miss,FUN.
10. What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?
K-BOS and Beats BARE MY BROWN raincoat like COAT.. :) MY MUM ARE MY DAD’S over-sized TWEED JERSEY and peter pans.i mix and miss deliberately..i feed off that. So DON’T THINK I DONT KNOW WHAT AM WEARING.I DO.i see voices, I hear faces

11.Whats the most expensive item in your closet?

my MJ INSPIRED SEQUIN JACKET..MY vintage brown TIMBERS (07)(dad bought),

12. Fashion DOs and DONTs?

fashion DO: YOU
Fashion don’t : FOLLOW TRENDS.

13. Any fashion advice? 

Style goes beyond the hanger you touch.Mix and miss. Reinventing, Renew your thinking. DO not conform. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.Fashion to me is about the ‘what ’and ’where’, style is about the “how”. there is no item that is stylish in of itself, style falls on how u put things together. Clothes don't have style, the person makes the style. . Fashion is not something to be followed sheepishly, it is however, something to be set, select from or totally reject. . Style is letting your imagination run away with you.

thanx Tsholo

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